Since 1987, Orthogon has led advancements in air traffic synchronisation, demand capacity management, and visualisation solutions for the air traffic management (ATM) and airport industries.

Orthogon software enables flexible resource utilisation, reduces workload and manages air traffic streams safely, environmentally friendly and efficiently.

The company forms part of the Frequentis Group, a global leader in the provision of communication and information solutions to safety-critical industries.


INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT REVIEW: Digitising airport operations

16 May 2022

On the latest International Airport Review Magazine edition, we took a look at how innovative collaboration practices are key to building back better.

To …

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Skyguide and Frequentis Orthogon for a sustainable tomorrow

16 December 2021

On the latest Air Traffic Management Magazine winter edition, we have shared together with our long-term partner Sykyguide how our Arrival Manager helps optimise air traffic …

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) presents…

Bremen / Germany, 04 November 2021

The paper highlights the benefits of an Integrated AMAN DMAN (IAD) where both arrival and departure information are shared across the Approach and Tower …

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