Based in Bremen, Germany, the Orthogon team is the backbone to providing value for our customers. Every employee is passionate about teaming with our customers and listening to what is needed, aiding in understanding the root of a problem and working on how the problem can be addressed.

Our professionals stem from a wide variety of fields. Customers benefit from the expertise of ATM and air traffic control (ATC) specialists, computer scientists, information technology (IT) specialists, transportation engineers, physicists, mathematicians, quality assurance specialists, human factors professionals and people from many other fields.

The Orthogon product line is built from a strong legacy of customer understanding alongside technical and operational excellence. The Orthogon suite has provided resource optimisation for air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and airports for over 30 years.


The Orthogon ANSP product line is an integrated suite of arrival, departure and traffic management software that allows resources to be used flexibly, reduces workload and manages queues safely and efficiently in today’s crowded air traffic environment.

The Orthogon suite has demonstrated to deliver benefits as requested by  ICAO ASBU and SESAR deployment. It can help to increase the capacities of limited airside and airport resources like runways and airspace. In addition, the Orthogon ANSP suite makes aviation more economical and environmentally responsible because it helps to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Orthogon traffic synchronisation tools are designed to operate as standalone or coupled tools, catering to increasing expectations for more efficient traffic flows and airport operations. The suite generates planning advisories combined with easy user interactions, enabling robust yet flexible and predictable planning.


The Orthogon airport solutions create a synchronised air traffic and airside flow. Supported by international aviation initiatives and in compliance with ACI Ground Coordinator Concept as well as SESAR deployment objectives, the Orthogon airport suite solves the most complex airport constraints resulting in benefits for all stakeholders. The Orthogon airport suite supports the journey from airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM) to airport operations center (APOC) to airport operations plan (AOP).

With over 30 years of aviation experience and a proven implementation track record, Orthogon helps major airports solve their airside constraints:

  • Enhancing the A-CDM ANSP process at the Heathrow and Changi airports
  • Connecting air traffic control to the airport airside at the Oslo, Gatwick and Hong Kong airports
  • Enabling the world´s first operational rolling AOP at Heathrow Airport
  • Providing better dynamic airside resource management at a major airport in North America

The Orthogon airport suite improves your airports airside management on a strategic, budgetary and operational level, no matter how large or unpredictable the aircraft traffic.