In January 2016 a new working group WG-104 was set up by EUROCAE aiming at elaborating a concept for future standardization of SWIM Services (System-Wide Information Management). Services being considered for standardization will be taken from the deliverables of SESAR. Extended Arrival Management (E-AMAN) has been identified as a prominent case that will serve to gain experience in the area of standardizing. Harris Orthogon contributes to this working group based on the work done in the context of Cross-Border Arrival Management together with the British Air Navigation Service Provider NATS, which resulted in the world’s first operational solution for Cross-Border Arrival Management.


SWIM is often positioned as facilitator for interoperable information exchange in the global ATM system. In the context of SESAR Deployment the European Commission adopted the Pilot Common Project (PCP) program to enable system improvements, which include, among others, provisions for the deployment of initial SWIM Services. As such, activities on SWIM have reached a sufficient maturity level ready for standardization.


In the area of extending the horizon of Arrival Management (AMAN) a relevant SWIM service has been specified, designed and validated according to the SESAR “Working Method on Services” (WMS). The additional advantage is that E-AMAN is a functional component of the Pilot Common Project mandated by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 716/2014. It must be deployed in support of AMAN systems at 24 major European airports.


The EUROCAE Working Group WG-104 will use the results of this particular SESAR activity as a basis to develop a standardized service description. As this is the first time EUROCAE has initiated the standardization of a SWIM service, the group shall also provide a report capturing the lessons learned from their work and provide guidelines regarding the methodology for standardization of further SWIM services. The report will also contain a Work Program and a prioritized list of SWIM services for future standardization.


As such, the WG-104 plays an important role in paving the way to the future standardization of ATM services based on SWIM principles. WG-104 interlinks the know-how of experts from various organizations with heterogeneous background, like ANSPs, ATM industry, Airports, the European Agency for the Safety of Aviation (EASA), Eurocontrol and the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU).


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