The Airport Operations Plan (AOP) is a single, common and collaboratively agreed rolling plan for an individual airport, which is available to all airport stakeholders. The AOP is the next logical step for A-CDM-compliant airports to predict arrival and departure demand and capacity on the day of operations as early as possible in the process for smooth and efficient airport operations.

The AOP is built months in advance with available information like flight schedules or special events. Over time, the AOP is refined with accurate traffic demand, weather forecasts, or runway configurations to further improve the demand and capacity prediction. The AOP is managed and monitored in the Airport Operations Centre (APOC).

The initial AOP (iAOP) implementation including Target Times of Arrival (TTAs) is mandatory for 18 major European airports by December 31th, 2023. The extended AOP with deeper integration of airside and landside is required for 28 major European airports by December 31th, 2027. Even though not mandatory outside of Europe, the AOP will largely increase flight predictability with fewer delays and optimized resource utilization for any individual airport.

Orthogon´s Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB) provides all capabilities to implement the iAOP and to calculate TTAs. Integration with the landside required by the extended AOP is the natural next step and subject to the DCB roadmap.

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