Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB) is the world´s first rolling predictive Airport Operations Planning (AOP) solution. DCB enables intelligent flight time predictions to proactively manage airport airside operational uncertainties at various time horizons. It is extremely valuable, especially for large capacity-constrained airports in managing and mitigating peaks of arrival and departure traffic.

Demand Capacity Balancer allows the airport to create plans that model and minimise negative impacts from a pre-tactical vantage point by using the data from multiple data sources. The solution improves flight punctuality and positively impacts affected connections, transfers, and enables timely decision-making for reduced airport disruptions working as an integrated airport flow management tool.

DCB bridges the gap between pre-tactical and tactical planning to better manage airport airside operational uncertainties proactively managing peaks of arrival traffic resulting in cost reduction, airline and passenger experience improvement combining insight and planning. The solution synchronises with real-time data sources like flight plans and arrival and departure managers. This determines the operational outcomes with an advanced, cloud-based simulation in less than 30 seconds.

DCB is deployed and operational at Heathrow Airport since 2017. Orthogon developed DCB in partnership with NATS UK, the air navigation service provider (ANSP) for the United Kingdom.

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