ODS Toolbox is a development environment for high-performance operational display systems required in mission-critical domains such as Air Traffic Control and Air Defense. It is ideal for the development of systems that requires a display visualising large amounts of dynamic objects in an environment requiring high human-machine interactivity.

It supports the complete software development lifecycle from design, prototyping, development, and testing through operational deployment, usage, and maintenance.

The Orthogon team has acquired a worldwide reputation as a specialist for air traffic Controller Working Positions development software. Since its market entry in 1994, the ODS Toolbox has been accepted by many large Air Navigation Service Providers and system integrators as the tool of choice for graphical user interface development.

The ODS Toolbox is a precursor and prepared the development and market entry of the newly developed ODS Open Platform, which became the standard user interface software platform for all new customer projects of Orthogon since January 2013.



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