Extended Arrival Manager (E-AMAN)

The Orthogon Extended Arrival Manager (E-AMAN) allows air traffic controllers to meter traffic into a busy Terminal Manoeuvering Area (TMA) from far out in the en-route airspace, therefore, improves delay prediction, and reduces the need for stack holding.

With an E-AMAN implemented, en-route controllers can inform aircraft pilots to adjust their speed before their Top-of-Descent, thus reducing the amount of time aircraft spend in the TMA. This leads to a reduction of time spent in holding stacks in the destination TMA.

In 2013, Orthogon enhanced the operational Orthogon Arrival Manager (AMAN) at NATS to support Extended Arrival Management, in line with the ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) and the SESAR ATM Concept of Operations.

The NATS E-AMAN is the world’s first SESAR-based E-AMAN system – operational since 2014. It spans across multiple national borders and uses a SWIM-based web-centric Service Oriented Architecture.

Extended arrival manager


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